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27 Reasons Why Barcelona Is The Best City In The World

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a region of Spain. Artists from all over the world come here to get inspired by the amazing night life and the beauty of the “Barrios” of Barcelona. If you have never been here you are missing the best city in the world, here 27 reasons that proof you that Barcelona is the best city in the World.


1 – No city can party like Barcelona

party barcelona

Did you say party? Well .. Barcelona is .. Party! Everywhere, from the famous Las Ramblas to Vila Olimpic or Barceloneta, from midnight is a never-ending party for all the city.

2 – Las Ramblas

las ramblas
photo credit: Carlos Lorenzo

Do you know Las Ramblas? Sure you do 🙂 Is the most famous street of Barcelona, with streets artists and tourist, called “guiris“, taking photos with them. A long walk that ends up in front of the port, full of all of the colours and joyful of Spain.

3 – Gay Friendly

photo credit: sbszine

Barcelona is one of the most gay friendly city in the conservative Europe. Unlike more conservative town, gay in Barcelona have preserved all their rights. Barcelona is full of gay friendly bars and even hotels. The Eixample is a famous district with many gay friendly locals, and Sitges is a small town near by Barcelona famous for the gay scene and the beaches.

4 – The Beaches

beach barcelona
photo credit: Bradley Wells

Barcelona, Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Sitges .. Just chose the one you want and you won’t regret.

 5 – The Food.

barcelona food
photo credit: JaulaDeArdilla

Did you know that the best restaurant and chef in the world were from Barcelona? Catalan cuisine is amazing, various and healthy. There is much more than just Paella (which is not from Barcelona but Valencia, btw).

6 – The People

Barcelona people

Photo credit: flickr

People in Barcelona are always happy, no matter what. A part of pick pocketing in the crowded and touristic streets, Barcelona is a quite safe city and catalan people are very friendly and welcoming.

7 – Festivals

barcelona festival

Photo Credit : Flckr

Parties? Sure, Festivals? All the best run here! From Sonar to Circuit Festival , the biggest international gay and lesbian event Barcelona is the best spot for events and festival, just check the calendar. Ah and don’t forget that Barcelona has been elected city of “World Best Summer City“.

 8 – City of Culture.

sagrada familia

Barcelona is not only a festival and party city, but also a city with a very vibrant cultural scene. Politics is a very important topic here and Catalan culture has always been strong, even during the “Franco era”. From the Majestic Parc Guell of Gaudi to the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera to the operas of Salvador Dali, Barcelona has a lot of offer.

9 – Sonar

festival barcelona

Photo credit: Stoketravel

Sonar is the biggest Electronic Music Festival in Europe. Every year in June thousands of people join in “Placa Espanya” for enjoying a full weekend of music.

10 – Fiesta de gracia


Photo Credit.

“La fiesta mayor de Gracia” is a big festival in the cultural district of Gracia, once famous for its cultural and political scene. Is a big festival for all the districts with music and party everywhere (as usual!).

11 – Cana y tapas for 2 Euros!


Photo Credit: Flickr

Barcelona, compared with many other European big cities like Amsterdam, is cheap. You can have a cana, a beer, and tapas for just 1.50! (That explains why so many parties!) 😀

12 – Biking!


Photo Credit: localBarcelona

Bicing in Barcelona is easy, as long as you don’t get drunk! 😀

13 – The football team.

Watching Barcelona at Camp Nou is a must-do while in Barcelona

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The football, well soccer, team is not just a soccer team. Is a symbol, the symbol of “catalanism” and so representing the whole region. Messi, Neymar and the other champions are the local heroes. Every one loves Barca (and hate Real Madrid).

14 – The Sant Antoni Market


Photo Credit: DPRBCN

Visit the Sant Antoni Market on sunday morning, is a market of vintage books, comics coins and other curious stuff. Off course is full of tourists.

15 – The Magic Fountain

magic fountain

Photo Credit: Flickr

The magic fountain is well .. a Magic fountain! No seriously watch the video  to understand what that means!

16 – La Xampanyeria


Photo Credit: Flickr

Cava is a tipical catalan wine, Xampanyeria is the place where you can have Cava tapas and bocadillo (sanwitch). Some are very cheap as 0.80 cents for glass of Cava!

17 – Leo Messi


The best soccer player in the world, and the King of Barcelona. Wherever you go you will see his face or his t-shirt. Seriously, he is much more important than the King of Spain here in Catalonia.

18 – The Weather

weather barcelona

Photo Credit: Flickr

Weather in Barcelona is perfect, winter are not cold or at least nothing compared with a winter in Chicago. Summer is hot with a lot of light during the day, it can be still day at 10:30.

19 – Montjuïc.


Photo Credit: Flickr

Where the 1992 Olympic game where played. Montjuïc is up on a mountain and so less crowded than the centre. The view is amazing, is it possible to visit the old Stadium of Espanyol, the second team of Barcelona. Montjuïc hosts also a lot of concert. I a bit tricky to get there but it’s worth all the efforts.

Pro tip : go when the Magic Fountain is about to start, go on top and enjoy 😀

20 – La Bouqueria.


Photo Credit: Flickr

La Bouqueria is a large public market held in Las Ramblas where you can enjoy all type of foods and of course, sea food. Fish is fresh and cheap, there are also plenty of typical small groceries with candies, chocolates and other delicious food. La Bouqueria is a must-see for everyone in Barcelona.

21 – Placa Reial

placa reial

Photo Credit: Flickr

My favorite place! Place Reial is a small, incredible vibrant square just off Las Ramblas. In a very small place there are plenty of bars and locals, live music and so much more!

Pro Tip : Don’t drink beer at the bars as they are very expensive, buy one in the street for 1 euro and sit down near the fountain. Then enjoy the atmosphere.

22 – The Gothic Quarter

barri gotic

Photo Credit: Flickr

” El Barri Gotic “. The most vibrant, colorfoul district of Barcelona. Walking between those old buildings from the roman era, or just sitting down in one of the various tapas bar while thousands of different people walk around you. Be careful, after Las Ramblas this is the preferred spot for pickpocketing, you have been warned!

23 – Bocadillos i queso!


When it’s late morning and you are coming back after a great night of party, there is nothing better than a bocadillo i lomo i queso! You can find bars that sell bocadillos everywhere in Barcelona, as usual just look for local bars and avoid touristic places.

24 – Costa Brava


Photo Credit: Flickr

Tired of parties and fiesta all night long? Looking for a place where chill out and recover from the hard city life? Then you should go to visit Costa Brava which is about 60km and it ends up next to the French border. Beaches, landscape and mountains, what do you need more? 😀

Pro Tip : Flying from Europe the airport of Girona has low-cost flights from Ryanair.

25 – El Raval

el raval

Photo Credit: Flickr

The multicultural district of Barcelona, unfortunately not so safe anymore. Still nice if you want to go in the afternoon with your friends, avoid if you are alone in the night.

26 – Tibidabo!


Photo Credit: Flickr

Go high! Tibidabo is the mountain that “looks” at Barcelona.  Is the highest point, 512 meters, and the view is absolutely amazing. You can take the funicular if you want to!

27 – Party, Party


Did we mention that no city can party like Barcelona? 😀

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    Barcelona is my favourite city, I would love to live there, I love its down and dirty vibe, its a real city, the people are real, very friendly and welcoming, as a city it has everything, culture, food, beaches, weather, what’s not to like,everytime I visit I love Barcelona more and more!!!!!!

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